Book Review: Stone Prison (Twisted Tales #1) by H.M. Ward

macabre short story, dark fairy tale, hm ward, demon kissedStone Prison (Twisted Tales #1) by H.M. Ward

Mike’s Review

DESCRIPTION: “Bestselling author of the DEMON KISSED series presents TWISTED TALES.

The Stone Prison is a macabre tale told in the spirit of Grimm. An evil enchantress, a stone tower, and a girl whose fate hangs in the balance as the clock approaches midnight make for a bone-chilling fairy tale.

Recommended for ages 15 & older. This series may be too gruesome for younger Demon Kissed fans. STONE PRISON is a novella (a short novel) and is meant to be read in one sitting. The print edition is 78 pages or 12,285 words.”


I picked STONE PRISON up after finishing the author’s Demon Kissed series without really knowing what to expect… Short stories can be hit or miss, and here the author was starting from scratch with a new world and new characters – and it worked beautifully.

As a short story, I’m reluctant to give much away. The author does a lot within the 10,000 words she’s given us, and it seems silly to write just as many in order to say how much I enjoyed it. This is a fairy tale. Not in the spirit of Disney, but of Grimm. And that’s probably the best comparison, since I can’t think of any other contemporary writer doing anything similar. In Grimm’s Cinderella there’s bloodshed and self-mutilation before you get to the happily ever after. Ward is easily as dark and twisted. And the reader will take a perverse pleasure in exploring the twists and turns that lead into the darkness.

A must read, but not for the light of heart and not before bed. I’ll look forward to the next “Twisted Tale.”

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I recommend this book for people who enjoy Grimm’s fairy tales, Once Upon A Time (the TV show on ABC), older teens, and adults who enjoy a hauntingly good tale.

Grab STONE PRISON (Twisted Tales #1) by H.M. Ward on Amazon now for $2.99.  This short story also comes in paperback.

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