Book Review: The Demon King (Seven Realms #1) by Cinda Williams Chima

The Demon King (Seven Realms #1) by Cinda Williams Chima

A Pirate Princess Review

DESCRIPTION: “When 16-year-old Han Alister and his Clan friend Dancer encounter three underage wizards setting fire to the sacred mountain of Hanalea, he has no idea that this event will precipitate a cascade of disasters that will threaten everything he cares about.

Han takes an amulet from one of the wizards, Micah Bayar, to prevent him from using it against them. Only later does he learn that it has an evil history—it once belonged to the Demon King, the wizard who nearly destroyed the world a millennium ago. And the Bayars will stop at nothing to get it back

Han’s life is complicated enough. He’s the former streetlord of the Raggers—a street gang in the city of Fellsmarch. His street name, Cuffs, comes from the mysterious silver bracelets he’s worn all his life—cuffs that are impossible to take off.

Now Han’s working odd jobs, helping to support his family, and doing his best to leave his old life behind. Events conspire against him, however. When members of a rival gang start dying, Han naturally gets the blame.

Meanwhile, Princess Raisa ana’Marianna has her own battles to fight. As heir to the Gray Wolf throne of the Fells, she’s just spent three years of relative freedom with her father’s family at Demonai Camp—riding, hunting, and working the famous Clan markets. Now court life in Fellsmarch pinches like a pair of too-small shoes.

Wars are raging to the south, and threaten to spread into the high country. After a long period of quiet, the power of the Wizard Council is once again growing. The people of the Fells are starving and close to rebellion. Now more than ever, there’s a need for a strong queen.

But Raisa’s mother Queen Marianna is weak and distracted by the handsome Gavan Bayar, High Wizard of the Fells. Raisa feels like a cage is closing around her—and an arranged marriage and eroded inheritance is the least of it.

Raisa wants to be more than an ornament in a glittering cage. She aspires to be like Hanalea—the legendary warrior queen who killed the Demon King and saved the world. With the help of her friend, the cadet Amon Byrne, she navigates the treacherous Gray Wolf Court, hoping she can unravel the conspiracy coalescing around her before it’s too late.”

Reading level: Ages 10 and up
Paperback: 528 pages
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH; Reprint edition (August 31, 2010)


This book was very well written. I mean, I barely found any typos. 🙂

This book is the first in a series called “The Seven Realms”. I liked the plot in the book. Usually I can predict what the author will do, but this time…NOPE. It had me second guessing everything. I did assume something was up with Han, but I didn’t know what. Raisa was a good character, and not because she is a princess 😉 It takes place in more than one place.. There are cites like Ragmarket and gangs called the Southies and Raggers. Lands called Arden, Vale, and Fells.

This book compared another I’ve recently, called, Science Fair by Ridley Pearson. I think this book has a better plot and better characters. It had something of a love triangle and romance that Science Fair didn’t and doesn’t have. It has adventure, comedy, and things that had me laughing, even though the situation was sort of…bad. Oops, actually, nah. It made me laugh, so what.

There are, actually, something of two main plots, because the book has two main characters; Han and Raisa. The plot Han is in is; Why do the Bayars have the amulet that belonged the the Demon King? Raisa’s, amazingly, also involves the Bayars; What is going on in the castle and how are the Bayars connected?

I will be reading the second book very soon (Try today :P) and I can’ wait! I’m expecting Han and Raisa to meet again. Haha, hope Amon don’t get too jealous. 😉

5 stars, books are better, book reviews, best in YA books, best YA novels

Series order: #1-Demon King, #2-Exiled Queen, #3-Gray Wolf Throne, #4-Crimson Crown

Recommended for readers who like fantasy, fans of Percy JacksonKane Chronicles, and Kingdom Keepers SeriesHarry PotterEragon, and Artemis Fowl Series.  This series has the feel of epic fantasy, but it moves faster than Eragon.  The core of the series is magic.  Despite the title of this book, there are no demons running around, well not at this point anyway.

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