BooksAreBetterThanIceCream.com is a website dedicated to book reviews!  We read primarily Young Adult and Children’s novels, but one of our reviewers also does general fiction.

You’ll notice different icons on review ratings.  That is because there are 4 reviewers on this site!  

  1. Michael is 8-yrs-old and has had a hard time finding books to read.  He hopes his reviews will help other early readers find great books.  
  2. Izzy (aka the Pirate Princess) is our teen reviewer who seems to swallow at least two novels a week.  She reads a lot of Young Adult paranormal.
  3. Marie is one of our adult readers who enjoys Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, and dark Paranormal Novels.
  4. Mike is the site owner and reads everything, with a preference towards contemporary fiction novels and short stories.

The younger reviewers use different icons.  Instead of stars, you’ll see these to indicate which reader reviewed the book:

book review boy, 2nd grade boy books, 8 yr old boy book review

teen girl book review, ya book review, best ya books, pirate princess book review

ya book review, book review, paranormal books, best book review

Parent Approved: Some of our books are indicated as PARENT APPROVED.  Since the adults on this site read many of the children’s and teen/ YA books as well, we will indicate which books we believe are child friendly.  That means that they have little objectionable content (e.g. sex scenes in YA novels).  Parent Approved means the book is tame.  There is NOT graphic sex and/or violence. Implied sex may be in Parent Approved YA books, but it has little to no descriptions as in Jessica Rules the Dark Side–She is married and the book implies that she sleeps with her husband.  There is no graphic detail, and it’s an assumed part of the relationship.

Parent Approved means you shouldn’t have to worry about nightmares, if you have a young advanced reader who needs the challenge of reading books that may have themes that could be too mature for them.  YA novel content is all over the place, but the complex plot lines and quick pace makes them appealing. And it’s nice to know what your kids are reading–that way you can talk to them about it.  Use this as a tool, as it’s opinion-based information.